Alette Langenhoff


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Improved biodegradation of pharmaceuticals after mild photocatalytic pretreatment
Arnoud de Wilt, Maricor J. Arlos, Mark R. Servos, H.H.M. Rijnaarts, Alette Langenhoff, Wayne Parker
Water and Environment Journal, Volume 34, Issue 4

The combination of photocatalysis and biodegradation was investigated for the removal of nine selected pharmaceuticals as a means to reduce loadings into the environment. The combined process, consisting of a resource-efficient mild photocatalysis and a subsequent biological treatment, was compared to single processes of intensive photocatalysis and biological treatment. The UV-TiO2 based photocatalysis effectively removed atorvastatin, atenolol and fluoxetine (>80%). Biological treatment after mild photocatalytic pretreatment removed diclofenac effectively (>99%), while it persisted during the single biological treatment (