Yawen Wang


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Synergistically Boosted Degradation of Organic Dyes by CeO<sub>2</sub> Nanoparticles with Fluoride at Low pH
Yawen Wang, Tongtong Liu, Juewen Liu
ACS Applied Nano Materials, Volume 3, Issue 1

Catalysts that can work without the need of light and additional oxidants such as H2O2 to degrade organic pollutants have been long sought. In this work, we report that at acidic condition, CeO2 na...

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Intentional hydrolysis to overcome the hydrolysis problem: detection of Ce(<scp>iv</scp>) by producing oxidase-like nanozymes with F<sup>−</sup>
Yawen Wang, Jingxuan Yang, Yilin Zhao, Juewen Liu
Chemical Communications, Volume 55, Issue 89

Fluoride boosts the oxidase-like activity of hydrolyzed Ce(<sc>iv</sc>) but inhibits the activity of Ce(<sc>iv</sc>), allowing intentional hydrolysis to be performed for consistent analysis of Ce(<sc>iv</sc>).